My First Blog

  • Have you ever wonder what a blog is?



I know I did not know what a blog was or how to get started. Today we are going to talk on how to start and write your own blog. I am also going to talk about what RSS feed are, Social Network and Symantec Feed. I am also going to talk to you lastly on the step to start a Blog.

  • What is a Blog?
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A Blog is your idea and opinion that is written and published online. It can be on any subject. There are many different reasons to Blog. I read in Jefferson, S., & Tanton, S. (2013). Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content the Key to Your Business Success seven reason to Blog.

They are

  1. Spread word about your business and draw people to website
  2. Give customer to keep returning to you site
  3. Build your repletion and lay claim to your territory
  4. Show your human approach side
  5. Help client and customers
  6. Improve you website’s search engine rank
  7. Get better what you do

Just remember not everything is a Blog. It has to idea and information that you can use. Another one to two sentences is not Blog. Plus it also has to be on one subject not many. Here is an example of Blog:

  • What is RSS feed and how it is connect to a Blog?
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  • It simple! It is a way to get your Blog and other Blog to you. You can get through email and through website. Social Networks are way can.
  • What is Social Network?
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As a kid we were taught to share, Social Network is about the same concept. It is sharing information through Network. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. It helps with business and use for personal information. The Social Network gets information better than commercial out. An example would be Wal-Mart on Facebook.

What is Symantec Feed?


I have been using Symantec Feed through this whole page already. You wonder how. Let me give an example of external link is Wal-Mart on Facebook. It link that brings you to different website. Internal link brings to the same your website.

  • How to Get A Good Blog?
  • Start With Catchy Headline
  • Get good introduction
  • Small short and sweet Paragraph
  • How I did it

When I did this Blog this was my first. I came up with a catchy headline: My First Blog. I explain what different technique to use to create a good Blog and information that I used and did not know what it was. I already had an account with Word Press but if you do not connect with it. Then I went to create RSS feed, I then added my Blog to it.

  • Summary

I did not know what a Blog was when I started this class. I had to learn what a Blog was first. I also had to learn what are many different ways to do a Blog. In my generation, computer was not used and now they are everywhere. I am glad that I learned and am now making a Blog.


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