Online Shopping verse Shopping

Online Shopping verse Shopping


I work in retail. I am cashier and backup customer service manager, CSM. I deal with customer all the time. The one thing, I notice is that more people going to online shopping. Do I think everyone? No not really. I am going to talk about the differences of them and what makes the customer choice either one.

Online Shopping


There are several reasons to online shop. I online shop because I live in small town. I am unable to find what I am looking for at a local Wal-Mart. I have friend who do same thing for same reason. Here is a list of reason people say they online shop:

  1. Convenience
  2. Better prices
  3. Variety
  4. Fewer Expenses
  5. Comparison Prices
  6. Crowds
  7. Compulsive Purchase
  8. Discreet purchases

I have friends, who do impulse buys through window online shopping.   I see that more people are turn to that. Even if customer do purchase online that still compare price online. The big trend is starting to be online shopping.

Shopping At A Store


Do I think there is still who like to go in the store and shop? The answer is yes. My generation and older still like the convenience of going to store and shop. Customer with the right customer service does still like to shop. I have found out that if you are friendly, smile and help the customer. These customers will continue to come back. I have the customer still believe that it is taking away from us if they online shop or even use self-check. They believe everyone deserves a job.

Which One is Better?


In my opinion, I believe we can benefit from both. Online shopping help people compare prices, find things you can find in store, and buy present for people for someone who is always around. As for shopping in store, it is way to get out and see what you are purchase. The benefit is you get to take home right then. I believe if allow both to work together the companies with both could make a profit.


I believe this is in everyone opinion of which one is better. I think as marketer we should embrace both. This will help with profit sales of many companies. The more we learn about our customer the better. Here is video of shows benefits of both:



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