Project 2 Domestic Violence

Imagine where every female is safe. With the help of other it could happen. I believe the delivery for this to make aware of how many female get hurt or in a bad situation.  According to this website,, domestic violence is lead cause of injury among women. According to website,–facts-52.html, it says that one out of four are victims.

I believe knowledge is power. I believe that the more we make aware of situation the more people will help. So what, I believe would be way to raise money is to advertise their ad on YouTube and social media. If one person looks at the page, then they like the page. The more will people notice the page. Along with information of the website of the victim show how many people they help without giving names. With this website, you are unable to give names but can somewhat show how to help

I believe we can help other women, one person at a time. I believe the best way to get there information out is through social media. This is way to help raise money. For the victim online marketing is a way. Another way is hold campaign in area.

With all the ways, I said could help launch this out. This will help raise money for the victims. The more we know the better we can help


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