Influence of Facebook


Domestic Violence is number reason women and children are injured. There is a website,, available. We are going to talk about how Facebook can benefit this company. This company is in need of getting information out there to successful women and men that willing to donate money to their cause. It also needs to get sizeable business.

The purpose of why I select Facebook is great source of word of mouth. According to this website,, it is broadly used. It declares that 71% of American use Facebook. It also affirms 76% of them are females. It also states that 79% are between the ages of 30-49 years of age. It also states 68% and 69% make 50,000 or more a year. With this demographic, it reaches the target that is required to get.

Facebook is way to keep and influence the company, they need. It helps get the attention and then insert to the link to website. This is way to get donation. They need to get the attention through sales, and what their money spent on, then entice them to website. Most companies want to know where their money is disbursed.

Facebook is great way to raise money by getting prospective customer to their website. This great is way to get donation. It is a great way to reach the accurate demographic.


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