Domestic Violence; Safe Horizon

The brand, I am present to you is a website, that raises awareness for domestic violence. The website I choice is–facts-52.html. This company is used to help and support women against domestic violence. The problem, they have is how to get donation to help women and children in trouble. I am passionate about this group due to fact that I have been through this. I also know friends that have nearly lost her live. This company needs to get donation to help because some of these women have no place to go. This safe house is need of funding for needs of living.

To get customer, we need to show some footage of victim of domestic. Show that 1 out 4 women are victim of domestic violence. Also show that someone they trust before a stranger hurts women. Through PowerPoint, YouTube and Social Media we can get the information out there to get help for these women.

Donation is the only way to get the products, they need for these women and children. We need to help the ones who can help them self.



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